No Passengers Beyond This Point
Discussion Questions
by Gennifer Choldenko
ages 10 and up
Puffin Books
ISBN 978-0142420522

Three siblings—India, Finn, and Mouse—have less than forty-eight hours to pack up all their belongings and fly, without Mom, to their uncle Red’s in Colorado, after they lose their house to foreclosure. But when they land, a mysterious driver meets them at the airport, and he’s never heard of Uncle Red. Like Dorothy in Oz, they find themselves in a place they’ve never heard of, with no idea of how to get home, and time is running out.

In a total departure, Choldenko tells a story of adventure and survival, set in a fantastical place with rules all its own. Sharp dialogue and taut action make this a book that will stick with you long after you read the incredible ending.

Heads Up!
Bank Street Children's Book Committee 2012 Best Children's Books of the Year
Black-Eyed Susan Book Award nominee for 2012-2013
Chicago Public Library's 2011 Best of the Best Reading List for Kids
Vroman's Bookstore 3/18/2012 Bestseller List
Listening Library selection
Bloomsbury will publish it in the United Kingdom
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Here are a couple of cool videos. The first is a new trailer for No Passengers Beyond this Point and the second is a visit with the author.

“A wonderfully imagined adventure story … reminiscent of such classics as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

“A fun ride, full of adventure, suspense, and good characterization.”

“Simultaneously heartwarming and spirited, No Passengers Beyond This Point takes readers on an unexpected journey about the importance of family, no matter what happens.”

“Filled with vivid descriptions, crackling dialogue and tense cliffhangers, the novel is impossible to put down.”

“Gennifer Choldenko blends fantasy and reality in her thought-provoking, moving, and often humorous novel ... Narrators Becca Batoe, Jessie Bernstein, and Tara Sands are a perfect match for the siblings, bringing each one to life ... Sure to keep listeners riveted throughout.”

“Choldenko keeps the plot moving rapidly and constantly shifts the point of view, with each chapter narrated by one of the three siblings, so that both readers and characters feel discombobulated-everything is both concrete yet dreamlike. . . . No one can write a hormonal teenager at war with her family like Choldenko, but in the end the family relationships and the determination each sibling has to protect the others is what saves them all.”

“Each short chapter is narrated by a different sibling: snarky India, worrywart Finn and whimsical ‘child genius’ Mouse. These constant shifts in perspective create suspense and contribute to the novel’s eerie, dreamlike quality. The humdinger of an ending helps explain this off-kilter world while leaving much to ponder.”

“Choldenko infuses each (character) with a unique tenderness and humor … a thoughtful but still entertaining book-club choice.”

“A fast-paced mindbender.”

“Fasten your seatbelts readers because you are in for a wild ride ... It’s hard to write about this without giving away elements of an ending that made me gasp aloud ... ”

“These are characters I cared about and the exploration of their roles in the family and their relationships with each other is beautifully crafted ... This will make a terrific book club book as the ending will spark intense discussion and argument. Hurry up and read this so we can talk about the ending!”

“A stellar mindbender that invites re-reading.”

“A fast-moving kaleidoscope of characters, details and plot twists that easily supports weighty themes as well.”

[One of] “4 great summer books for middle grade readers." —Christian Science Monitor

“Sometimes I just have to keep a review short and sweet. This book? This book is very very excellent.”

“THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD! I dreamed about this book after I finished it, and I am still thinking about it a week later.”

“This is a weird book, and I mean that in the best possible way. A Phantom Tollbooth kind of way. . . . .There is family drama at the heart of this story, wrapped in a satisfying blend of mystery and fantasy.”

“So freakin' good! I was all teary eyed. This book should absolutely be used in a classroom. Oh my god, the lessons you could do! Inferring, context clues, symbolism, character development, point of view..... The list could go on and on (some more).”

“I know that as a child, this is a book I would have returned to over and over.”

“It’s not often I read a book that I get this excited about. It's the perfect middle grade attention-grabber for boys and girls alike.”

“This book is beyond imagination with a great twist at the end..”

“The story is mysterious and intriguing, the dialogue snappy, and the characters individualistic while still being likable. … the story is, in a way, a reimagining of the Wizard of Oz story.”

“This is one of those books that resonates long after you finish reading it. I read it a few weeks ago, and I'm STILL thinking about it. The ending may send chills up your spine …”

No Passengers Beyond This Point, by Gennifer Choldenko, is an epic/heroic journey/fantasy tale.”

“I read it with fixed, engrossed, even thoughtful and absorbed attention, and I liked Choldenko's smoothly snappy writing lots . . .”

“High-concept fantasy … Choldenko's pacing is sure and her use of airport argot adds an inventive element to this story of unlikely survival.”

“Great fun ... This is another success story for Choldenko.”

“The author shines in her characterization of children and their idiosyncratic kidspeak.”

“This was a page turner for me; I had to read it in one sitting. Look for the adventure in February 2011.”

No Passengers Beyond This Point is suspenseful, a little spooky, heartwarming, and quirky, with an ending that is sure to get kids talking.”

“This is a mind boggling, fast paced, entertaining novel; you won’t want to put it down.”

“Choldenko's imagination flies high with this wacky and wonderful novel that pays homage to The Wizard of Oz ... Even if you think you can guess what's going on here, the ending will still astonish you!”

“This inventive, fantastical novel is a family drama with incredible imagination. Some parts reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, others A Wrinkle in Time, but in the end, this is a wholly original and fascinating book.”

“I'm putting this on my list of books that I think will appear on next year's children's book award lists. Kids who liked Savvy by Ingrid Law or the City of Ember books by Jeanne DuPrau might like this extraordinary fantasy adventure.”

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