Al Capone Shines My Shoes
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“A fast-paced mindbender.” — Booklist

“Fasten your seatbelts readers because you are in for a wild ride ... It’s hard to write about this without giving away elements of an ending that made me gasp aloud ... ”

“These are characters I cared about and the exploration of their roles in the family and their relationships with each other is beautifully crafted ... This will make a terrific book club book as the ending will spark intense discussion and argument. Hurry up and read this so we can talk about the ending!” —Booklist Bookends

“A stellar mindbender that invites re-reading.” —Austin American Statesman

“A fast-moving kaleidoscope of characters, details and plot twists that easily supports weighty themes as well.” —San Francisco Chronicle

[One of] “4 great summer books for middle grade readers." —Christian Science Monitor

“Sometimes I just have to keep a review short and sweet. This book? This book is very very excellent.” —Pink Me

“THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD! I dreamed about this book after I finished it, and I am still thinking about it a week later.” —Katharine Owens

“This is a weird book, and I mean that in the best possible way. A Phantom Tollbooth kind of way. . . . .There is family drama at the heart of this story, wrapped in a satisfying blend of mystery and fantasy.” —Points West

“So freakin' good! I was all teary eyed. This book should absolutely be used in a classroom. Oh my god, the lessons you could do! Inferring, context clues, symbolism, character development, point of view..... The list could go on and on (some more).” —Life is Better with Books

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