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Q: What does your sister think of this book?

My sister is very polite—somebody had to get the good manners in the family—it's difficult to know what she thinks.

Q: Did you have a nose job?

No. I like my nose. I come from a long line of women with big butts though, and sometimes I put myself to sleep imagining the sucking noise of one of those cellulite machines transforming my big hind end into a petite little bathing-suit-size one. I’ve never had the courage or the money to do it though.

Q: Are you good at math?

No. In my family the only important subject was English. My dad said it was fine to flunk everything else, but I had to get an ‘A’ in English.

Q: Were you the favorite child?

I wasn’t my mom’s favorite, that’s for sure. I like to think I was my father’s favorite, but I don’t really know, for certain.

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