Notes from a Liar and Her Dog


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"This funny, touching story of 12-year-old Antonia MacPherson heralds the arrival of a fresh new voice in literature for young people. . . For any kid who is a middle child, for kids who have trouble getting along with their parents, for kids who are sure that their parents prefer their siblings, this book will bring delight and understanding."

"Choldenko catches the prickliness of adolescence. . . Funny, moving and completely believable,
this is a fine first novel."

"Choldenko vividly captures the feelings of a middle child torn between wanting to be noticed and wanting to be invisible . . . This funny and touching novel portrays the tug-of-war within this strong heroine and taps into very real emotions."

"A refreshing children's story for anyone sick of being bossed around. Television actress Ariadne Meyers ("Kate and Alley") reads with a sweet mix of exaggerated youthful agony and clever comic timing."

"The American writer Gennifer Choldenko is not a familiar name, but her Notes from a Liar and her Dog should change that. There are many stories around about being disliked and misunderstood when young, but few as sensitive and ultimately triumphant as this."

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