If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period
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If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period is a wonderful book...Choldenko has achieved the near impossible...This is a book any fifth grader can read, but it is also one with life-changing truths. Don't miss it.”

"This is a fast-paced, easy read. The characters are smart and relatable. This book delivers!"

“The issues raised are spot-on for this age group...(an) under-the-microscope examination of the often cruel, always dramatic dynamics of junior high.”

“This is a perfect book for classroom or parent-child book clubs. It begs to be read over and over.”

“Choldenko again shows her mastery of the teen voice in If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period. Strong school and family dramas endear the characters of Kirsten and Walk to the reader. This is a perfect read for teen book clubs, both guys, girls and mixed clubs, ages 12-14. Thanks, Gennifer!”

"This book is bound to entrance many a reader into the twisting plot. Artistic detail and rough and tumble writing are bound to make this book a hit."

“It was wonderful. A book about race, being fat and, most of all, friendship in middle school. By the end of the book she (Kirsten) has learned a great deal...including the fact that finding the answers is not always easy.”

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