If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period
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"In her novel If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period," she (Choldenko) does good work mixing the parents' lives with those of the kids in upscale Mill Valley. Seen through the perspective of seventh-graders, the parents' actions seem strange and undecipherable. The reader, of course, gets the pleasure of putting the pieces together...deeply felt and moving."

"This was a quick read, but not because the content was simple. The plot kept the pages turning...It was portrayed as a simple middle school read, nothing out of the ordinary, but it delivered so much more. This book was very like something one might find from Judy Blume, in both voice and subject matter. Smart, insightful characters dealing with adult-world challenges while living with everyday life at school—the good, the bad, and the downright nasty."

“This book is really amazing...I really recommend this novel to both boys and girls because the way the author wrote it, has a way of appealing to both male and female. I really love this book, and I think that anybody in middle school, or early high school years would love it too. Gennifer Choldenko has a gift, a gift of writing, and you can see that in this book.”

“I really enjoyed this book. The social rules of middle school are as immutable as ever, but Kirsten and Walker find room for world-shaking changes.”

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