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"Gennifer Choldenko, author of the Newbery Honor Book Al Capone Does My Shirts, entices young readers once again...Choldenko presents a variety of perspectives on race, identity, and prejudice as she weaves a charming tale of the lives of two middle school students at an elite private school...Although serious topics are addressed in this novel, humor and an entertaining storyline keep the content light and enjoyable."

"A gifted author explores issues of race and class at an elite private school...Choldenko has a sure touch for creating believable characters and her portrayal of the mean girls and the bullying atmosphere of middle school rings true."

"Choldenko's story—narrated first by Kirsten, then by Walker—is riveting. But it is her characters who really bring this book to life."

“Choldenko has a talent for pithy dialogue and vivid narration that brings each scene sharply into focus.”

“This story of unforgettable characters and tough issues written with humorous touches will resonate with a wide range of readers who like contemporary stories.”

“Choldenko’s story is engaging, fresh, and a definite page-turner.”

“This is a great cast of characters, some to love and some that cause you to gasp with frustration and disbelief...their story is compelling."


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