Gennifer Choldenko
Virtual Visits

In an effort to support teachers and students while the country is in this Covid crisis, Gennifer is offering free virtual visits with virtual “classrooms.” 

Gennifer’s format is this:

  1. Check in with 6 or 7 students about their sheltering in place experience.
  2. Short presentation on one of Gennifer’s books.
  3. Q&A.
  4. Very brief reading from Gennifer’s newest novel: Orphan Eleven.

Gennifer’s only requirements:

  1. The teacher sets up the Zoom or Google Meet or whatever platform they use and adds Gennifer.
  2. The students come prepared with questions for Gennifer about her books and/or about the writing process.

To set up a free virtual classroom visit, please email:

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